About Suzy B

Step into the world of Suzy B, a completely unique experience in jewelry shopping. In our comfortable private salon you can select that special piece that you’ve been dreaming about, add to your collection, or choose a perfect gift for a loved one. All with an expert by your side to help and guide you.

We understand that jewelry is a very personal choice. Ours is a private service to those individuals who appreciate fine jewelry and don’t want to look like everyone else. At Suzy B, we use only the most dazzling diamonds, the most brilliant precious and semi-precious stones, and the most perfect pearls.

We welcome you to our showroom. By referral only.

Suzy B Jewelry:

  • Timeless, yet modern
  • Never goes out of style
  • Always makes you look distinctive

“I have been to five different jewelers. Only you matched exactly what we were looking for.”

Find out about Suzy and Terry, co-owners of Suzy B, LLC.